ABORTION.. to do? or not to do?

DISCLAIMER: All the spoken from this point on, is unfiltered stating of MY experience, opinion, ‘feeling’ and in some sense, MY conviction. You are welcomed to disagree, comment, agree.. but, you’ve been warned.

I’ve had this subject in the front of my mind for days now. One of the subjects that finds this deep inner conflict with me… that deep place where religious believes and convictions meet the heart of what’s right and just.

This is a sour subject for me, especially as this ‘nonreligious’.. ‘nontraditional’ Christian that I am. Truth is that my ‘religion’ says one thing and that is: PRO LIFE. To abort is to commit murder and it is our job to support anyone who is working towards taking away PRO CHOICE as a category to be. As a matter of fact, in my community I heard so many comments during elections about this subject that, truth be told, I felt ashamed to be standing in the same room as some of these people.

“Sure I may not agree with some of the things he’s said or even some of the things he’s doing but he will uphold our morals and values as Christian and focus on laws that stop abortions.” 


“He may not be the best but he is pro life and that is enough to know that he is one of us and we need to back him.”

I can make entire blogs with/of all the ignorant comments I have heard in regards to this subject. I’ve always kept quite. Quite because I knew how conflicting my views, or thoughts, or “opinion” on the matter would be according to the system I live under. I love my community but boy do I disagree with so much. Lets start here, in this conflicting, controversial subject of: ABORTION!

The other truth is that my ‘relationship with Him’ says in me..pro life and pro choice. That is where I categorize myself.

I don’t agree, would not encourage, nor would I present the option of abortion under ANY circumstance to a woman. I am a whole hearted believer that in every and all things, God is in control and uses, even the things that are devastating or unplanned, etc and shines some sort of growth, lesson, enhancement, comfort, etc in it all. For some, there are logical, sensible, crucial circumstances that allow for abortion and even call for it. Whether that be because of an unwanted pregnancy, a deformation, or deadly diagnosis for the child and/or the mother, or because the pregnancy was a result of an unwanted and undesired, forced sexual encounter. All which seem “rational.” or not.

However, for ME, my point of view.. none of it merits someone making the decision to abort. Not just because of the killing an embryo, fetus, or baby (which ever word you would like to refer to it as). My point of view also stems from knowing and seeing the consequences these actions can have on the woman. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Emotionally and spiritually, the guilt, shame and sadness a woman endures.. regardless of the reason behind following through with an abortion, its devastating. With that being said, because of principal and MY morals, I am pro life.

Here’s the curve ball in my standing with pro choice as well. The statements that I made were MY beliefs, MY convictions, MY morals, MY values, and MY core sense. Key word is “MY.” Especially in a country where men and women die to maintain the freedom that we’ve been blessed with, freedom of choice. MY beliefs are exactly that, MY beliefs. Where my conflict comes in with community of Christians or religious beings period.. its that some how because this conviction, the one of our religion or our God being the ONLY WAY, truth and His law written is the only way to live and act by… we want to implement that to the world! How wrong can we be.

See, I chose to be Christian, I chose to believe that there is just but one and ultimate God that I worship, adore and serve. I chose to congregate and where I would congregate. I chose to abstain from intimacy with my husband until he was my husband. I chose the way I decided and still choose, daily, the way I will live my life with Him; morals, values, convictions, principals. NO ONE chose that for me.

In the bible it speaks about God being a gentleman. That He who created us, can come to be in control of our lives and all that occurs in it.. IF we choose to allow Him to. In the bible it implicates that the one thing He gave and left to man and He does not touch is FREE WILL. The free will to make decisions and do as we choose to, knowing that ALL actions have consequences, good or bad. What does that mean to me?  simple, if God that is God, doesn’t impose Himself, His word, and His person on anyone because He has given free will… WHO ARE YOU TO DO SO?? Lets not even get into the constitution or “rights’ of it all.. just on a “practical” form..

WHO ARE YOU? WHO IS THE CHURCH? WHO IS THE PASTOR? CONGREGATION? RELIGION? PRESIDENT? SENATE? HOUSE? or any one else. To think that they have the mandated right to make THE choice for every woman?!

So, yes, I am Christian (non denominational) and I am absolutely pro life and absolutely pro choice. I don’t know what I would have done if as a result of my unwanted and unsought “circumstances” I would have come to be pregnant; however, I know the last thing that I would have needed would’ve been to be stripped of my GOD GIVEN right to choose MYSELF.

As well as, being someone who longs nothing more than to one day be a mother, and have battled fertility issues.. I also know that even if given the opportunity to love a child that isn’t mine.. my heart would be complete.

In conclusion, I’ve been asked and THIS ^ is where I stand, as a Christian, when it comes to this controversial subject. ITS YOUR CHOICE. PERIOD.

Leave comment below.. what’s your take on pro life.. pro choice topic?


One thought on “ABORTION.. to do? or not to do?

  1. This is beautifully written. I too consider myself pro choice AND pro life. What saddens me is the amount of suffering that the women making these difficult choicew experience. In many cases it was not a decision they wanted to even make in the first place. Thank you for sharing.

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